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Lightweight, easy to handle and reliable

Our base models are made for the cost-conscious boater that still wants performance. They are equipped with a sturdy single, non-skid floor and roomy interiors to hold plenty of cargo. The built-in davit pad-eyes come factory installed and these models have three lifting points.

Long service life is assured by
Pennel Orca® 215 Hypalon fabric

Price starting from US$2429.10
Overall Length3.09m (10'3")
Overall Width1.52m (5')
Approx. Wg.79.6kg (176Lb)
Max Load*600kg (1320Lbs)
Outboard Max HP15hp (short shaft 15")
Inside length2.2m (7'3")
Inside Width70cm (2'3")
Tube diameter42cm (16.5")
Air-Chambers 3
Orca type 215
Price starting from US$2879.10
Overall Length3.40m (11'2")
Overall Width1.71m (5'7")
Approx. Wg.88kg (194Lb)
Max Load*640kg (1411Lbs)
Outboard Max HP15hp (short shaft 15")
Inside length2.45m (8')
Inside Width83cm (2'9")
Tube diameter41cm (16")
Air-Chambers 3
Orca type 215

* Loaded weight should include everything except hull.
All the specifications on this sheet are CE certified.

Price indication is as mentioned based on St.Maarten Offshore – TEXT veranderen in: Starting prices are based on “St.Maarten Offshore” prices. Due to local taxes and duties, prices in our various locations may differ.