Fiberglass RIBS

Carib Marine Rigid Inflatable Boats (RIBS) are made of a lightweight construction that is quick to plane and easy to handle. The V-section fiberglass hull cuts through chop and ensures an enjoyable, stable and dry ride. All our Carib Marine RIBS are made with the Achilles CSM Fabric, an evolution of Hypalon fabric which is well-known for its exceptional properties.

• Superb Ozone, UV and Weather Resistance
• Resistance to Oil, Grease and Solvents
• Resistance to Abrasion
• Resistance to Impact, Cutting, Gouging
• Resistance to
other types of Physical Abuse
• Resistance to Decolorization
• Resistance to Staining and Soiling

Single Floor RIBS

Our base models are made for the cost-conscious boater that still wants performance. …………………. ……………..

Double Floor RIBS

These models have an ultra-strong double floor and a watertight forward storage compartment.……………..

Deluxe RIBS

The Deluxe models have an ultra-strong double floor, molded back seating and storage compartments.

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