The Carib Marine Flagship model!

The ideal compromise between elegance, comfort and performance

The 410/450 models come with a molded seat design that enhances its cosmetic appearance, while at the same time delivering comfortable seating and storage space. The back of the tubes can be used as a step ladder to easily get back into the RIB after a swim. These models are the perfect luxury tenders for trips with family and friends.

Built in Pennel Orca® 828, unmatched quality Hypalon
material for superior resistance and longer life.

Price starting from US$7505.10
Overall Length4.05m (13'2")
Overall Width1.91m (6'2")
Approx. Wg.291kg (641.5Lb)
Max Load*840kg (1852Lbs)
Outboard Max HP50hp (long shaft 20")
Inside length2.38m (7'10")
Inside Width98cm (3'3")
Tube diameter47cm (18.5")
Air-Chambers 3
Orca type 828
Overall Length4.48m (14'7")
Overall Width1.97m (6.5')
Approx. Wg.305kg (672Lb)
Max Load*920kg (2028Lbs)
Outboard Max HP50hp (long shaft 20")
Inside length2.76m (9')
Inside Width1.02m (3'4")
Tube diameter48cm (18.9")
Air-Chambers 4
Orca type 828
Price starting from US$8167.50

* Loaded weight should include everything except hull.
All the specifications on this sheet are CE certified.

Starting prices are based on “St.Maarten Offshore” prices. Due to local taxes and duties, prices in our various locations may differ.