The Carib Marine Flagship model!

The ideal compromise between elegance, comfort and performance

The 410/450 models come with a molded seat design that enhances its cosmetic appearance, while at the same time delivering comfortable seating and storage space. The back of the tubes can be used as a step ladder to easily get back into the Rib after a swim. These models are the perfect luxury tenders for trips with family and friends.

Built in Pennel Orca® 828, unmatched quality Hypalon
material for superior resistance and longer life.

Overall Length4.05m (13'2")
Overall Width1.91m (6'2")
Approx. Wg.291kg (641.5Lb)
Max Load*840kg (1852Lbs)
Outboard Max HP50hp (long shaft 20")
Inside length2.38m (7'10")
Inside Width98cm (3'3")
Tube diameter47cm (18.5")
Air-Chambers 3
Orca type 828
Overall Length4.48m (14'7")
Overall Width1.97m (6.5')
Approx. Wg.305kg (672Lb)
Max Load*920kg(2028Lbs)
Outboard Max HP50hp (long shaft 20")
Inside length2.76m (9')
Inside Width1.02m (3'4")
Tube diameter48cm (18.9")
Air-Chambers 4
Orca type 828

* Loaded weight should include everything except hull.
** 25hp engine is allowed when the boat is set up with console.
All the specifications on this sheet are CE certified.