Versatile in configuration

The double floor and large interior space make this RIB safe and comfortable.

These models have an ultra-strong double floor and a watertight forward storage compartment. Roomy interiors afford plenty of cargo space and the lightweight construction tops the performance of larger, heavier RIBs.

Model MX-350 is built with Pennel Orca® 215 Hypalon fabric. All other Double Floor RIBS are built in Pennel Orca® 828, unmatched quality Hypalon material for superior resistance and longer life.

Overall Length3.48m (11'5")
Overall Width1.76m (5'8")
Approx. Wg.117.85kg (260Lb)
Max Load*600kg (1320Lbs)
Outboard Max HP15/25hp** (short shaft 15")
Inside length2.5m (8'2")
Inside Width79cm (2'7" )
Tube diameter47.5cm (18.7")
Air-Chambers 3
Orca type 215
Overall Length3.79m (12'4")
Overall Width1.76m (5'8")
Approx. Wg.157.6kg (347Lb)
Max Load*720kg(1587Lbs)
Outboard Max HP30hp (short shaft 15")
Inside length2.72m (8'11")
Inside Width79cm (2'7" )
Tube diameter47cm (18.5")
Air-Chambers 3
Orca type 828
Overall Length3.95m (13')
Overall Width1.80m (5'8")
Approx. Wg.142kg (313Lb)
Max Load*850kg(1874Lbs)
Outboard Max HP30hp (long shaft 20')
Inside length2.94m (9'8')
Inside Width85cm (2'9")
Tube diameter47cm (18.5")
Air-Chambers 3
Orca type 828

Overall Length4.25m (13'9")
Overall Width2.12m (7')
Approx. Wg.305kg (672Lb)
Max Load*725kg(1598Lbs)
Outboard Max HP50hp (long shaft 20")
Inside length3.42m (11'3")
Inside Width1.18m (3'10")
Tube diameter47cm (18.5")
Air-Chambers 4
Orca type 828
Overall Length5.2m (17')
Overall Width2.3m (7'5'')
Approx. Wg.371kg (818Lb)
Max Load*1300kg(2866Lbs)
Outboard Max HP100hp (long shaft 20")
Inside length3.93m (12'11")
Inside Width1.23m (4')
Tube diameter53cm (20.9")
Air-Chambers 5
Orca type 828

* Loaded weight should include everything except hull.
** 25hp engine is allowed when the boat is set up with console.
All the specifications on this sheet are CE certified.

  We use two types of Hypalon:

  Orca® 215 – PES: 100dtex Textile – 880 g/m2 and
  Orca® 828 – PES: 100dtex Textile – 1300 g/m2